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In Theaters Now:  The Wolverine

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It started out pretty cheesy, I have to admit.  Kind of gave off a Van Helsing meets Grizzly Adams feel.  Some of the initial effects were a little weak, particularly the green screen with the grizzly.  Fortunately, as soon as Wolverine was out of the woods, everything got much better.

I’m not a comic book reader, so I don’t know if the movie makes sense in the scheme of the comic books, but it seems to work in the scheme of the movies.  There are a couple story lines that I don’t really understand popping up in this movie and not the last Wolverine movie but I just that and it worked fine for me.

There are some fun action scenes (I loved the bullet train fight scenes) and some ninjas and sword fighting but very little actual mutants.  If I say too much more, it will give away more of the plot than I want to.

There aren’t as many one liners in this one as there have been in prior movies but there are a couple of good ones.  Hugh Jackman is awesome and very easy on the eyes.   It is a bit long, it’s 2+ hours and it could have been about 20 minutes shorter.

There is a bonus scene after the credits that you will want to see.

I thought it was fun and enjoyed it, I wouldn’t consider it an instant classic or anything like that, but fun.

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